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Ignite Your Dreams: Group Coaching Programme

Oct 2, 2023 - Jan 29, 2024


Welcome to the IGNITE YOUR DREAMS Group Coaching Programme! A 16-week group programme for people who are ready to develop their manifestation power and kickstart their transformational journey towards their dreams. The programme is split into the 8 different steps of my unique manifestation process each consisting of a pre-recorded class and a live group coaching call where we will discuss any challenges you are facing, celebrate your recent successes and answer any questions you have about the steps all whilst supporting, motivating and inspiring each other to create our dream life! The specific dates of the programme are as follows. All dates are Mondays. Pre-recorded classes will be released in the morning of the dates shown and can be watched in your own time. The live group coaching calls will be 19:00-21:00 (UK time) on the dates shown and will take place on Zoom. 2 Oct - Step 1: Foundations Pre-Recorded Class 9 Oct - Live Group Coaching 16 Oct - Step 2: Inner-Self Pre-Recorded Class 23 Oct - Live Group Coaching 30 Oct - Step 3: Intentions Pre-Recorded Class 6 Nov - Live Group Coaching 13 Nov - Step 4: Trust Pre-Recorded Class 20 Nov - Live Group Coaching 27 Nov - Step 5: Vibrations Pre-Recorded Class 4 Dec - Live Group Coaching 11 Dec - Step 6: Nature Pre-Recorded Class 18 Dec - Live Group Coaching 8 Jan - Step 7: Gratitude Pre-Recorded Class 15 Jan - Live Group Coaching 22 Jan - Step 8: Action Pre-Recorded Class 29 Jan - Live Group Coaching

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