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Want to discover the incredible power of manifestation?  Want to meet likeminded dreamers who will support you, motivate you and inspire you to transform your life? Are you finally ready to manifest everything you desire?

On my 'Ignite Your Dreams' group coaching programme, I will be sharing the tools, techniques and concepts that have not only empowered me to manifest my dreams but have completely transformed my life. And I want to help you do the same.

I am SO EXCITED to be sharing my manifestation process with even more people.

So if you're ready to level up your life and Ignite Your Dreams then join the programme below. There are limited spaces but one of them has your name on it.


IGNITE YOUR DREAMS is a 16-week group programme for people who are ready to develop their manifestation power and kickstart their transformational journey towards their dreams.

The programme is split into the 8 different steps of my unique manifestation process each consisting of a pre-recorded class and a live group coaching call where we will discuss any challenges you are facing, celebrate your recent successes and answer any questions you have about the steps all whilst supporting, motivating and inspiring each other to create our dream life!

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Here's a glimpse into what we will be working through in each of the steps.


In the first step of the programme, we develop your understanding of how you can use the power of your mind, body and soul to manifest your desires.  We also identify your current manifestation blocks: the things currently getting in the way of your dreams.


In Step 2, we continue the work of connecting with your inner-self.  Here, you will start to deepen your understanding of yourself and connect with your authenticity so that you can establish the true desires of your soul.


In this third step, you will get super clear on what you intend to manifest in your life.  You will create a high-definition vision of your ideal life and who you want to be.  This vision will excite you about your future and engage your mind, body and soul.


An important aspect of manifestation is trusting the process.  In this step, you will develop your unwavering faith and feel comforted that your dreams will manifest in perfect, divine timing.


In manifestation, your vibrational frequency is everything and so in this fifth step, we explore the practical ways to raise your spiritual and emotional vibration.


Engaging with nature is an amazing way to raise your vibration. In this step, we look at how we can harness the power of nature to support us on our manifestation journey.


Appreciating what you already have in your life is one of the best ways of attracting more of what you desire. In this step we celebrate all the amazing things you have already manifested.


Your dream life will only become a reality when you start to take action. You will finish the programme feeling motivated and ready to take some serious inspired action towards your dreams.


I couldn't recommend Andy's manifestation coaching programme any higher. I'm so grateful for everything I have learned. It truly is LIFE CHANGING!


Embarking on this journey is already laying some incredibly strong foundations to help me reconnect with my dreams and actually who and what I want to be.


The programme is fantastic! I feel so much calmer, less anxious and more focused on making progress.  I feel so much more positive about the future and what I can achieve.


IGNITE YOUR DREAMS is life changing.


When you sign up to the programme you will...

  • have a step by step process you can use for the rest of your life

  • raise your vibration and feel great

  • understand yourself on a deeper level

  • be held accountable to your dreams

  • gain clarity on exactly what you want to manifest in your life

  • create more meaning and purpose in your life

  • expand your mind so you can think and live more positively

  • have fun

  • meet likeminded people who will support you during the programme and beyond


  • For each step you will have access to a pre-recorded video class to watch in your own time.  The following week a live group coaching call will take place to explore the step.

  • For each step you will also receive a Resource Pack full of life-changing material for you to explore in your own time

  • Live group coaching calls take place on Zoom (see specific dates below)

  • Pre-recorded classes will be sent to you via email (see specific dates below)

  • Additional 1:1 coaching sessions available at discounted rate (additional fees apply)

The full schedule of the programme can be found below. Pre-Recorded Video Classes will be sent to you via email on the dates shown. Live Group Coaching Calls take place on Zoom at 19:00-21:00 UK time on the dates shown. 8th May - Pre-Recorded Video Class: Foundations 15th May - Live Call: Foundations 22nd May - Pre-Recorded Video Class: Inner-Self 29th May - Live Call: Inner-Self 5th June - Pre-Recorded Video Class: Vision 12th June - Live Call: Vision 19th June - Pre-Recorded Video Class: Trust 26th June - Live Coaching Call: Trust 3rd July - Pre-Recorded Video Class: Vibrations 10th July - Live Video Call: Vibrations 17th July - Pre-Recorded Video Class: Nature 24th July - Break 31st July - Live Coaching Call: Nature 7th August - Pre-Recorded Video Class: Gratitude 14th August - Live Coaching Call: Gratitude 21st August - Pre-Recorded Video Class: Action 28th August - Live Coaching Call: Action






Each month, for 4 months


£700 in total


The above prices include:

  • 8 x pre-recorded video classes

  • 8 x live group coaching calls

  • 8 x resource packs

  • Support via email or WhatsApp (Monday to Friday)

  • Discounted 1:1 Coaching Sessions (additional fee applies)


To apply for the programme, simply drop your name and email below and I will be in touch straight away to arrange a quick chat with you to discuss the next steps.


The start of your exciting manifestation journey is just a few clicks away...


I can't wait to share this life-changing experience with you!


If you need some more convincing that my group coaching programme is for you then simply schedule your Discovery Call with me.  The call will last approximately 30 minutes and I will share more details about the programme and answer any questions you have.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

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